Repositioning The Cube

‘Repositioning The Cube’ is an art event I organised as part of the Mayonnaise Elevator project….

‘Repositioning The Cube’ is an art event I help organise as part of the Mayonnaise Elevator project, the first edition took place in Dublin in October 2012, the next is in Barcelona on April 20th, details are below…

Here is a taster of last time

Repositioning The Cube from John Callaghan on Vimeo.

Repositioning the Cube – Barcelona
– ambient conceptual interrogations in the domestic sphere –
Saturday 20th April, C/Virtut 8-3, Gracia, Barcelona

A site specific participinstallation by Mayonnaise Elevator

By taking found objects and elevating them to the status of art, Duschamps’ Readymades raised questions about where life ends and art begins. Now, following the displacement of the object by concept at the centre of the art experience, this site specific participinstallation invites you to endeavour to recreate the conceit of the gallery experience in the antithesis of the gallery space. The Home.

In the words of Bachelard, inhabited space transcends geometrical space. But if the kitsch hotpotch of intimate domesticity seems to proclaim that if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere, the physical displacement of the art experience from the gallery to the home is nevertheless, merely a means to an end. Ultimately, the goal is to re-situate the subjective essence of the creative work in the willed process of engagement.

Just as a child might play house in a gallery, RTC/B invites you to play gallery in a house. Is this recursive conceptual self-reference or the parodic reductio ad absurdum of the artifacts of the cube? Well might you question the sincerity and depth of the piece. The most important thing though, is to have fun. But not too much fun. Remember, this is art.

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