art / interactive

Ballerina in the Wind

“Ballerina in the Wind” is a video installation I created with Mayonnaise Elevator for “Repositioning The Cube: Barcelona”

Repositioning The Cube

‘Repositioning The Cube’ is an art event I organised as part of the Mayonnaise Elevator project….

Movies frame by frame

Representing movies frame by frame in one image

FB Jukebox

FB Jukebox plays music you and friends have posted to Facebook in a Jukebox stream.

“Real World” Space Invaders

We made this physical computing version of Space Invaders at Secret Location for the FWA webcam challenge.

docShift: Process

A project I’m working on has been selected for this four-month program ran by the docSHIFT Institute in Toronto.

Playhouse, The Eye and Processing

Processing is a Java based selection of libraries described as “an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas”, I’d been keen to learn it for a while and the perfect opportunity came during the fantastic Playhouse project

turn it off

“Turn it off” was a short film project detailing the adventures of a band of “light creatures” called “Brites”. The production was powered by solar energy and was made using light graffiti, laser tagging, thermal imaging cameras and stop motion photography. The locations for the film were “crowd-sourced”….


WE ARE AN EXHIBITION was a happening/installation/art thing that arose in a house in Stoneybetter, Dublin, in April 2009……