The Great Movie Remix

Here is a trailer for new project I worked on with DF Tram, “The Great Movie Remix”… –

Love Song To Yourself

“Love Song To Yourself” had it’s first performance this July in Gracia, Barcelona.

The video mashup as political protest: “Imagine This”

“Imagine” my surprise when I discovered that an academic paper entitled “Political video mashups as allegories of citizen empowerment” has included an analysis of “Imagine This”, a short film/music video I created in 2006….

Storming Juno

Storming Juno, a project I worked on at Secret Location, has been selected as a finalist in the SXSW Interactive Awards.

Feis Carvery sliced up for the web

The “Feis Carvery” movie has been sliced up into short segments more suitable for web viewing.

TheBubble archived

I’ve archived selected episodes from TheBubble on Vimeo

Pen and Think: A portrait of Martyn Turner

“Pen and Think” is a profile of the satirical cartoonist Martyn Turner….

A behind the scenes look at the Playhouse Liberty Hall project.

Features exclusive footage of the building being tested for the first time on Wednesday 19th August.

The ears of the town

A look at Plugd records in Cork, one of the few independent music stores remaining in Ireland.

Feis Carvery

Every year chefs from across Ireland cross knives for the glory of being crowned champion of “Feis Carvery na h’Eireann