• Film

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  • 05.Feb
  • The Great Movie Remix
  • Here is a trailer for new project I worked on with DF Tram, “The Great Movie Remix”… –

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  • 12.Jul
  • Love Song To Yourself
  • “Love Song To Yourself” had it’s first performance this July in Gracia, Barcelona.

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  • 14.Nov
  • The video mashup as political protest: “Imagine This”
  • “Imagine” my surprise when I discovered that an academic paper entitled “Political video mashups as allegories of citizen empowerment” has included an analysis of “Imagine This”, a short film/music video I created in 2006….

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  • 14.Feb
  • Storming Juno
  • Storming Juno, a project I worked on at Secret Location, has been selected as a finalist in the SXSW Interactive Awards.

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  • 29.Jan
  • Feis Carvery sliced up for the web
  • The “Feis Carvery” movie has been sliced up into short segments more suitable for web viewing.

  • art / interactive

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  • 30.Apr
  • Ballerina in the Wind
  • “Ballerina in the Wind” is a video installation I created with Mayonnaise Elevator for “Repositioning The Cube: Barcelona”

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  • 05.Apr
  • Repositioning The Cube
  • ‘Repositioning The Cube’ is an art event I organised as part of the Mayonnaise Elevator project….

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  • 28.Aug
  • Movies frame by frame
  • Representing movies frame by frame in one image

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  • 07.Jun
  • FB Jukebox
  • FB Jukebox plays music you and friends have posted to Facebook in a Jukebox stream.




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